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Rain eases, water recedes

Update: As the rainfall eased up across the region over the weekend the River Forecast Centre ended a High Streamflow
Advisory on May 24 for the Thompson Region, including the Salmon River. 

Most rivers in the area have reached their peak levels and are expected to continue to drop.

The forecasted weather for the remainder of the week is for a gradual dry and warming trend.  Weather patterns are still unsettled and localized areas may receive sporadic periods of rain of 2 to 3mm.

Water Stewardship reports that the snow pack is melting satisfactorily at approximately 20mm per day and will continue to
do so provided the area does not receive heavy precipitation.  Lake level for Shuswap Lake is reported at 347.92 meters and will peak within the next two to three week window at 348.22 meters subject to adverse weather.  The peak level for Shuswap Lake is estimated to be one meter lower than last year’s peak level.

The BC River Forecast Centre is issuing a 'High Streamflow Advisory'  for the Central Interior following a significant upper-low pressure system that is developing through southern BC and is expected to bring an eastern flow of moist air through the Interior over the next several days. 

Heavy rainfall in excess of 50 - 75 mm is expected over a five day period starting, Tuesday (May 21) from Princeton up through the Puntzi Lake area of the Chilcotin.

River levels through the Interior are expected to rise rapidly beginning Wednesday, with the potential for further rises later in the week. 

The lake level is anticipated to rise substantially due to the increased outflow from both the Salmon and Shuswap Rivers.

If you reside in the Shuswap and your property is prone to flooding, the Shuswap Emergency Program advises owners to take all necessary actions to protect their property.

Residents are responsible for having a personal plan, as well as the tools and equipment necessary to protect their homes and properties.

For steps on how to plan and be prepared for an emergency, visit the SEP website.

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