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Dear Dawn...

I am having trouble finding who I am. I have been going from job to job and not enjoying them. Everyone keeps telling me to just get a job there and stop 'job hunting'. I am only 25, how do I explain to others and reconcile with myself that I just need to know where I fit? Your advice and guidance would be very helpful and appreciated. Thank you. - N.M.

Dear N.M.,

You are being asked to make space for the clarity you need to move forward.

There are many ways to do this starting with your home environment and then looking at previous dreams and goals and hobbies that no longer serve you.

I am being guided to tell you that you have many conflicting desires and nothing is going to make sense until you clear out the clutter of what no longer serves you. When you create the space for all things new they will show up; right now there is no space.

You are very young and still learning about what you really want and this is very normal; the pressures of today's society state that most young adults do not get a clear picture on their lives until they are 30 or so.

In the meantime stay true to your intuition on this and show them you still do care by making room for your ideal life; what that looks like is up to you and you really only need your approval for this and then just hope for support in your dreams and goals as they become more clear.

It is important for you also to let go of the past and all that did not work out as you planned; in doing so you will be less likely to miss new opportunities. In letting go of the past you will be be able to see the positive in your situation and move forward more quickly than your age would indicate; based on averages.

There is indication that in doing this that events are going to happen very quickly and will require your full attention and focus.

Ultimately, you are coming to the end of your difficult situation. Take responsibility for yourself and appreciate the advice as well meaning. And ultimately heed your your own voice.

A trip is also indicated to help you gain a new perspective on your life and you future. It will be a short trip and driving distance but will make all the difference to your current perspective being elevated to that of a higher, more empowering one; one that will lead you into a great future with purpose and drive.

“In the garden every flower

Has its purpose and its hour-

The tulip and delphinium,

To only name a minimum.” “Avalon,” - Julia Cameron

Every day is new day....let go of what no longer serves you and make room for all that is beautiful and meaningful to manifest. I wish you the best and know you will thrive.

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