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Hilary Duff finds motherhood 'exhausting'

Hilary Duff says being a mother is exhausting.

The 25-year-old singer and actress admits she never stops worrying about her 13-month-old son Luca and warns her friends that motherhood is the "hardest, best thing ever."

The blonde beauty, who is set to guest star as Ashton Kutcher's love interest on 'Two And A Half Men', told the 'Rachel Ray' show on Tuesday (05.07.13): "I love being a mom but I try to tell everyone it's the hardest, best thing ever. It's so unbelievably rewarding and I'm pretty Zen about it but some days it's just hard. You're tired.

"It never ends, it never turns off and even when you're not with them, and you're maybe having a weekend away or something, your brain is always going, so that can be really exhausting."

Hilary, who is married to retired ice hockey star Mick Comrie, also revealed that their son is very like both of them.

She explained: "We kind of think he's a hybrid baby. I mean he is a hybrid baby. It's true but then when you see him with my husband, they look just alike.

"He has a little temper and I think he gets it from me and he knows exactly what he wants all the time and I think he gets that from me but he is like rough and tumble, total boy, bulldozer and it's so funny."

The actress - who recently revealed she is already considering having another child - is planning a big family holiday for Mother's Day in America on Sunday (05.12.13).

She said: "Last Mother's Day was pretty easy going because I had just had him. This year we're actually going away on a beach. I told my mom that we're all going. I'm so excited, can't wait."


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