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Convicted for trying to hire a hitman

A sentencing date is expected later this week for three Cranbrook men convicted of trying to rub out a drug rival.

A lengthy and complicated trial wrapped up Sunday in BC Supreme Court in Kamloops, with convictions against Lonnie Anderson, Lorne Carry and Colin Correia.

A jury agreed all three men are guilty of trying to kill Douglas Mahon in 2009, by hiring a hitman to do the job.

Carry and Correia were also convicted of firearms offences and of conspiracy to kill Mahon, although Anderson was cleared of the conspiracy charge.

Key Crown witness and convicted criminal John Shank testified he was hired to carry out the hit, but instead co-operated with police to thwart any murder.

During the trial, defence lawyers tried unsuccessfully to undermine Shank's credibility, questioning his shady background and noting he was paid more than $100-thousand for his information. (CHNL)

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