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I see Stockwell Day is still warning conservative voters not to split the free enterprise vote by voting Conservative. He is dead wrong this time. Here's why:

The Liberal party is not going to win this election, come what may, because it has utterly alienated anti-HST voters, who are now intent on having revenge for the HST. They are out to defeat the Liberals in this election. They have moved to the NDP because they perceive it as having the best chance to defeat the Liberal Party, which they despise, and they are never coming back to the Liberals, period.

Therefore the Liberals have no room to grow to victory level amongst BC voters. Stockwell Day is misguidedly flogging a dead horse. Even if every conservative voter supported the Liberals this time, the NDP would still win by seven points.

But if we get behind the BC Conservative Party and start moving it up in the polls, we can create a momentum that
many anti-HST voters will gravitate to, and we could yet have a Conservative government in BC The time to act is now.

The Liberal Party is now despised by most British Columbians because of the HST fiasco, and the Liberal brand is now unelectable in BC The free enterprise coalition must now move to the Conservative Party or we
will have NDP governments into the foreseeable future.

Don't wait for Stockwell Day to figure this out. Do it now or lose BC to a new NDP recession. Spread the word.

Kenneth Lawrence

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