It is that time of year when many of us get out and enjoy the sight's and weather. As usual, Kelowna attract's many sports minded individuals just aching to get out and do their thing. I have been a resident of this great Valley for 40 years and have enjoyed many aspects of it.

However, recently I have noticed a big change in those individuals attitudes towards drivers. As driver's, we have been encouraged to share the road and be safe around cyclists and runners.

I recently witnessed a group of runners in the orchards of East Kelowna forcing oncoming car's to the other lane even though there were cars coming the other direction. They were running 3 wide and had no interest in moving over. Where's the sharing here ? Where's the safety ?

With the summer season just around the corner, would it be to much to ask if we can 'all' share the road. It is a small group of individuals who choose not to share and it makes the whole running community look irresponsible .

Please let's all be safe.

Kimberly Escott

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