BC Election 2013  

Kelowna signs tasteful, compliant

For most of us, election time means a myriad of signs - big signs, little signs, intrusive signs - a clutter of signs.

This year, the one man in Kelowna who knows more about signs and, in particular sign bylaws, says he's pleased with what he's seen from the candidates running in the May 14 provincial election.

"We have had conversations with most of the candidates and I'm pleased with the level of compliance with the sign bylaw," says Kelowna City Clerk Stephen Fleming.

"A number of candidates took the initiative as well and they wanted to know what our election bylaw had to say. I don't know the reasons but to date I'd say we've had the best compliance with the sign bylaw of any provincial election that has been held in the city."

Fleming says the election sign bylaw is the same for provincial, federal and municipal elections.

"Maximum size is four feet by four feet and six feet off the ground. There is no limit as to how many you can have on one property if they are no higher or larger than that," says Fleming.

"You can't block safety sight lines. You can't put signs up in front of recognizable city owned buildings or properties such as City Hall, City Park or Stuart Park."

Fleming says medians are fine as of course is private property.

He says if candidates want signs larger than the four feet by four feet limit, they have to apply for a special sign permit.

"Usually candidates can't be bothered to take out a sign permit for a relatively short period of time."

If you are already annoyed about the signs you're in luck, election signs must be removed 24 hours after the election is over.

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