Horoscope: April 28 - May 4

Important decisions need to be made as both sides dig in their heels. Weigh the responsibility and where it needs to be shared. Take care of events in secure stages for best results; the pace will matter. Work around tedious circumstances. Pay attention to health and strength. Final deals are disappointing for some. Look at alternate sources of income that don't require as much work. Break free, quit or go into business for yourself as ego clashes can be exhausting. Stay strong on your own path with integrity for ultimate success. Intuition provides solutions "out of the blue".

  • Aries - Financial agreements require some additional negotiation. Get together to discuss it.
  • Taurus - You become more focused on procedure, but don't step on other's toes - go around.
  • Gemini - Private meetings are fruitful when all agree on how the benefits will be shared out.
  • Cancer - Powerful individuals are helpful to your wishes. Let them do things their way for now.
  • Leo - Others rely on you for strength even if only in an advisory capacity. You are respected.
  • Virgo - Plans connected to distance develop in positive ways. Secret wishes unfold with ease.
  • Libra - Shared finances or assets need review or settlement. Have assessments done for both.
  • Scorpio - You have power over others even if it's subtle. Follow through step by step to win.
  • Sagittarius - A boost in job or career will affect finances as well. Follow feelings on procedure.
  • Capricorn - Your magnetism is high attracting attention or "that special someone". Be friendly.
  • Aquarius - Make decisions about residence or "privacy". Improve circumstances or move on.
  • Pisces - You shine in the eyes of others (personal or public). You lead and others will follow.

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