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Be dog-aware of Summerland mad man

The Summerland RCMP is keeping tabs on a situation at Sun-Oka Beach Provincial Park where there have been confrontations between a middle-aged man and women walking their dogs.

It has been brought to the detachment’s attention and they have spoken to the gentleman, said Cpl. Bruce Haley.

“He feels threatened by the dogs, and has been rude and obnoxious,” he said. “We have cautioned him about his behavior and will continue to keep an eye on the situation.”

The concern is so great, that a sign has been posted at the park, which has a separate dog beach, that reads, 'Be on the alert for an aggressive man at Sun Oka Park dog beach'.

It further states he has been threatening to poison dogs in the pet area of the park.

The man is described as a tall, slim white man in his early 60s and the sign warns he is particularly aggressive toward women alone with dogs, but has also been aggressive toward elderly men with dogs.

On Friday morning, a man walking  with his four pets said he comes to the beach often and has never seen the man.

Still, the situation is a little alarming and he watches his dogs carefully and makes sure they don’t pick up something to eat off the beach.

Both the sign and the Summerland RCMP ask people to call 911, if they have any worrying confrontations at the park, near Summerland.

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