The Okanagan Correctional Center (OCC)

Recent news releases regarding the Okanagan Correctional Center (OCC) leaves a lot of questions unanswered:

Is the $5K awarded the members of the Osoyoos Indian Band an annual retainer, or a one-time signing bonus?

Why is the provincial Liberal government venturing into yet another land-use agreement without discussing the details with the citizens of the province.

The BC Liberal government arbitrarily proceeded with the construction of the Kelowna Westside Interchange before securing ownership of the land, and this issue has still not been settled.

Why is the BC government moving ahead with yet another partnership with the Indians at a time when BC Indian bands have claims for lands that exceeds the provinces total land mass.

Why is the government in such a hurry to set yet another irreversible precedent?

Why are we building permanent structures on leased land, and who will own this structure?

Why does the government not want the security of ownership and access to the land the structure is built on?

Why a 40-year lease (with a 20-year option) for what could and should be considered a permanent concrete structure that conceivably could provide services far beyond those years?

What are the monthly and annual costs of the lease, compensation and/or penalties for unscheduled interruptions, not to mention exit costs at the end of the lease?

As citizens we own this province. It is our right to be appraised of all those details.

Andy Thomsen

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