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Sometimes it’s not enough fun setting up new computers for my customers. Sometimes I just have to get a new computer for myself. And I did! But just like any major purchase, it’s ever so important to accessorize. Here’s some great stuff I found to go with my brand new Prima Aprilis notebook.

USB Laptop Self-Charger Cable

Isn’t it annoying when your laptop runs low on battery power? Well, you never need to worry about that again once you have the USB Laptop Self-Charger Cable. Plug one end into the power port and the other into a USB port on your laptop and let it recharge itself while you’re working or watching streaming video. Never run out of power again. (I hope they’ll invent something like this for cell phones one day!)

Download More RAM

RAM (random-access memory) is temporary storage on your computer. The more RAM you have, the better your computer’s performance. I’ve been bumping up computers’ speed by installing more RAM for years. Usually this is a tedious process of determining what kind of RAM a computer requires, finding it, ordering it, paying for it and then taking apart a computer to install the RAM. Whew. What a pain.

But now, you can take advantage of downloadable RAM. No sourcing, no installation, no waiting. And best of all, it’s completely free! Head on over to http://downloadmoreram.com and get yours today. They even have special RAM for your iPhone. (I hope they’ll get something like this for my Android phone one day!)

The YouTube Collection

Now that your computer is running at blazing speed, you can sit back and enjoy The YouTube Collection. The folks at YouTube have placed every single YouTube video that ever there was on a collection of DVDs which you can have delivered to your home.

Order The YouTube Collection here: http://www.youtube.com/TheYouTubeCollection. Be sure to watch the video on that page to learn more about this amazing offer. (I wish my smartphone had a DVD player built in.)

Are you ready to Go Ro?

Millions of people use iPhones and other smart phones to look at YouTube videos and other websites every day. We’re the lucky ones: Website developers have learned to make their websites easy to navigate on mobile devices, even on iPhones with the ring tone set to sound like an old-time phone.

But what about the people still actually using rotary dial telephones? For very single one of those people, accessing a website is difficult or even impossible.

As luck would have it, there is a company out there to help website developers optimize their sites for rotary dial phones, pay phones, and even for Morse Code users. Next time you encounter a problem using the internet from your rotary dial phone, fax the website developer and suggest they visit http://www.howtogomo.com/goro/d/ and Go Ro! (I might just change my smart phone contract and start using rotary dial phones again!)

I hope you enjoyed this week’s column, dated April 1, 2013. I wish some of those products were real. If you need any help with your computers, laptops, tablets, iProducts, please give me drop me a line at [email protected] or phone 250-764-7043. I’m here to help --- no fooling.

Do you need help with your computer? I'm here to help you and your home or business computer get along!

Cate Eales runs Computer Care Kelowna (http://computercarekelowna.com/) a mobile service helping home users and businesses get along with their computers. To arrange an appointment phone her at 250-764-7043. Cate also welcomes your comments and suggestions. Send email to [email protected].

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Cate is here to help you and your home or business computer get along.

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