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The lunar effect

Here are a few of the 'lunar moment' letters submitted by Castanet viewers:

At around 3:00 a.m. this morning we were awoken by a coyote howling on the back hillside. We live up on Dilworth Mountain off Glenmore.   

It howled for the longest time quite a piercing sound. 

You could here a much softer howl from some distance down in the valley answering the call.  Someone up here put their outside light on and then it was all quiet.


I'm not having 'lunar moments', but my Rottie puppy sure is.

Lucy is just over a year old and has been acting very strange since yesterday. She isn't eating like she normally does (usually you put the food down and she swallows it up), and she is walking around crying.

She is still happy and healthy, but she will stand in the door way looking at you and just start to cry. It is the weirdest thing.


Last night was the first night that I could not sleep. Read my book tell 9:30 p.m. then off to sleep like normal.
All I could do is toss and turn till 2:30 a.m. I got up scrambled and made coffee. My day was off tilt and I could not get it together.

I tried to do whatever I could, but still it felt like I was weighted down halfway through the day.

I know it is not the lack of sleep because of my work I lose hours all of the time.

I knew something was different.

Off tonight to try it again.


It was my car that had an affect from the full moon.  It’s a 2009 Chevy Cobalt with low mileage, so a fairly new, problem free car. 

I drove home from work, pulled into the garage as I usually do, turned the ignition to off, but the key wouldn’t budge.  I could not turn my car off.

I tried everything, but ended up driving it to the dealership where they couldn’t turn it off either. They told me they had never seen such a problem before.  They had to stall it off (it’s a standard) and then remove the battery as it was still turned on so the battery would have been drained. 

We’re still not sure of the problem, hopefully figure it out tomorrow.


Over the past few days I have been having horrible nightmares. In my nightmares I am brutally attacked, it has happened (in my dream) as I'm walking to my truck from class and at an engagement party. I normally have vivid dreams but they are never this violent.

-- Jessica

Castanet heard several unusual reports Tuesday including:

- A man was seen leaning out of a moving truck and punching other vehicles as they drove past.

- A man was seen urinating on the fruit bins along Clement, while waving his hands wildly and stomping his feet

- A woman was witnessed yelling from inside her vehicle at passing drivers while taking a wig on and off.

Editor's note: Let's all hope the weekend is normal.

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