South Okanagan  

Smoke in the hills a controlled burn

Prescribed burning is planned for the Bald Range area between March 28 and May 15, weather conditions permitting.

The controlled burning, which will occur in several phases during the period, will assist with ecosystem restoration.

The burns will be conducted by Wildfire Management Branch crews and staff from the Okanagan Shuswap Natural Resource District.

The Bald Range burn area covers an estimated 150 hectares north of the Princeton-Summerland Road, approximately 11 kilometres west of Summerland.

Historically, grasslands and open forests in the Okanagan have been renewed through frequent, low-intensity ground fires.

Such fires limit tree encroachment, rejuvenate understory plants, (trees and shrubs that grow beneath the forest canopy, but above ground-cover plants) and help maintain open grassland and open forests containing large trees.

The re-introduction of managed, low-intensity ground fires to these grasslands and open forests is intended to restore and maintain plant communities that are native to these areas.

The Bald Range prescribed burn is part of an ongoing ecosystem restoration program administered by the government of British Columbia in collaboration with local ranchers, various outdoor organizations, the Shuswap Okanagan Forest Association, the Forum for Research and Extension in Natural Resources, the BC Wildlife Federation and the Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia.

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