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Accused Princeton killer back in court

The man accused of killing a Princeton woman in 2011 was back in a Kamloops courtroom on Monday.

After Roger Badour expressed an interest in entering a guilty plea in late December, the status of the case is now 'no formal plea entered', according to Neil MacKenzie, spokesman for the crown.

During the appearance, Monday, there was also some discussion on whether Badour is changing lawyers, something he has done once already.

Last December, Badour, 64, surprisingly indicated he was entering a guilty plea because he would then be able to receive the medical treatment he needed.

Crown counsel took the position it was not appropriate for the accused to enter such a plea if it's not free and voluntary.

The judge was in agreement and did not accept the plea.

Badour is facing a first degree murder charge in the death of Gisele Duckham, 56.

Since his arrest, there have been several dramatic situations when he shows up in court.

In the weeks prior to his preliminary inquiry in Penticton last September he claimed he feared for his life in the North Fraser Pretrial Centre, so much so that another inmate offered him a shank for protection.

Then, during the hearing itself, he collapsed and was rushed to hospital.

Badour, a high risk sex offender with a history of preying on vulnerable women, was arrested Nov. 8, 2011 in Penticton for a traffic violation.

After giving RCMP officers a false name they searched his car and found three firearms. two of them loaded. and a small a mount of marijuana.

When it was discovered he had an outstanding Canada wide warrant, officers went to Duckham’s home on Osprey Lake Road the following day.

She was found dead at the scene.

Badour's next appearance to set a date for trial is April 2 in Kamloops.

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