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The brain is vulnerable to trauma

Sadly, millions of people suffer from seemingly mysterious chronic conditions that doctors and scientists have not been able to completely explain or treat.

For many, unknowingly, they have suffered from a toxicant injury from chemicals, bacteria, viruses and/or psychological or emotional stress. This can result in brain trauma, resulting in over-activation of threat, survival and protective mechanisms within the deep limbic system circuits in the brain that can initiate a multiple system breakdown in the body.

The brain gets stuck in an unconscious state of chronic “emergency” that perpetuates illness and inflammation. This often involves the central nervous system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory, immune, digestive, and endocrine systems. 

This “high alert” state can also result in altered sensory perception and related sensitivities (smell, taste, touch, hearing, sound), as well as pain perception. Energy that was formerly used in functions related to rest, digestion, detoxification, communication and regeneration are now redirected to one thing only - survival. 

Normally high functioning and healthy individuals become a shadow of their former self. This literally robs them of their ability to function in the world.  For some it can cause them to lose their jobs, homes and in extreme cases live a life of isolation and pain. This is often the case in conditions such as chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, electric hypersensitivity syndrome, gulf war syndrome, food sensitivities, and anxiety disorders.

The good news is that the brain is both adaptive and regenerative and we can use this principle to work in our favor. When we understand that the brain has maladapted to trauma, we can then learn how to normalize the over-activated threat mechanisms within the deep limbic brain circuits. This allows the systems of the body to return to normal function once again.

Take Dr. Judy McCarver for instance. She had suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for 21 years after being exposed to new building materials and pesticides.  She went from specialist to specialist, seeking answers and relief from her symptoms to no avail.  No one connected the dots that it may be her house that was making her sick.  As the illness progressed - the sensitivities also spread to most foods.   She suffered another toxic exposure during a second renovation that threw her over the edge.  Dr. McCarver's condition eventually became so severe that she had to quit her job, move out of her house and could not find anywhere to comfortably live.  

In time she made her way to Dallas Texas, to undergo extensive and expensive detoxification treatments.  Then Dr. McCarver found out about Kevin who had suffered just like she was – except that Kevin was now totally recovered. After Dr. McCarver talked to Kevin, she was determined to attend our next program - in Canada, 1600 miles away from where she lived. She didn't care how far away it was - she was determined to get better - the sooner, the better.  

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ program made a lot of sense to this Santa Fe psychiatrist.  With a background in neurology and a personal experience of the suffering and recovery, Dr. McCarver states "the limbic system is sensitive to trauma and we have suffered from injury to the limbic system in the brain - and this program is the appropriate treatment.  It's the best treatment - it works!"  

Dr. McCarver is now back at work, living in her house and leading a happy, healthy and vibrant life.

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About the Author

Annie Hopper is a Limbic System Retraining and Rehabilitation Specialist who has been in the health and wellness field for over twenty years. Hopper is an expert in the field of acquired limbic system brain injuries and neuroplasticity and works primarily with those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chemical Sensitivities and other limbic system impairments.

In addition to being a Brain Retraining Specialist and Environmental Advocate, Annie also has years of experience as a Core Belief Counselor, Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, Newspaper Columnist and featured guest as an Emotional Wellness Expert on talk radio.

With a deep understanding of illness and brain function, today Annie provides a wide range of programs and services to facilitate healing for others. Through limbic system neuro rehabilitation programs, counselling services, writing and keynote speeches, Annie provides vital, ground-breaking information and tools for recovery.

Annie can be reached at www.anniehopper.com

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