McKinnon retires

Losing our top cop is bitter sweet.

For Bill McKinnon congrats on a deserved retirement, but Kelowna lost the best top cop.

His challenges he has had in his top cop career in Kelowna he handled the situations very well. His business is no different than the biz down the street, you get bad employees and good ones unfortunately he has protocol he has to follow as the biz down the street has to follow labour rules.

My heart went out for him when his daughter was charged for drugs, there were a lot of comments I am here to say you can be the best parent and even the best kids can get into trouble doesn't make him a bad cop or parent. Unfortunately she made bad decisions,we are not behind the closed door hearing what went on at home,so we can't judge.

Kelowna was lucky to have a Top Cop who cared and changed how the RCMP does things.

Congrats Bill McKinnon and Good Bye to a job well done.

Sandi Giddings

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