Grandparent Scam

I was just reading your story on the “Grandparent Scam”

I work in a Financial Institution and we have intercepted (saved) a few “Grandparents” from sending money via this scam.  One Grandparent was trying to send $5000 and was in tears telling us we were wrong and her grandson needed help until we called a family member on her behalf to confirm. 

As of a couple weeks ago, my own Grandmother received the call.  She went to the Western Union at Walmart in Kelowna and thanks to the Customer Service Representative at the counter asking many questions as to whom and why she was sending the money, saved my Grandmother from losing $1500. 

The employee asked my Grandmother to place a quick phone call to her real Grandson who was fine and well right here in Kelowna.

A special thank you to the lady at the Western Union, Walmart in Kelowna - it would have been a great loss to someone on a pension or anyone for that matter.

Shawna Cameron

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