School's report card

“The Fraser Institute's annual report ranking all 853 elementary schools in BC has been released.”

Well it’s official. Those FSA tests (Foundation Skills Assessment) which were alleged to assist in determining which students needed extra support are really just a way for the Fraser Institute to grade the schools.

During all the years that I administered those tests or received the ‘marks’ as the Grade 5 teacher, I sent numerous letters to the Ministers of Education, MLAs, editors, columnists and anyone else who suggested that the tests were a valuable assessment tool. Obviously, they were and are a waste of time for the students.

Nothing ever happened after the tests were returned from whence they came, except the annual school rankings. Until this year, however, it was always suggested that they really were given to benefit the students.

What a waste of student’s and teacher’s time and taxpayer’s money!

Teachers all along have been against these tests and they were/are right to complain.

Maureen Mieras

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