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He has…seen almost everything!  He is part of the Rock elite that have been crafting his Talents for fifty plus years!  He may even be the last of the Flower Children!  He is from the House Of The Rising Sun, considered to many as the ultimate Animal, and to others-The Black Man’s Burdon.  Yes, we are talking about this chiselled English blues-vocalist from the industrial heart of the Kingdom, Eric Burdon!

“’Til Your River Runs Dry” is the latest musical statement from this saged minstrel.  An album that has some wizened messages from the man that gave us San Franciscan Nights, and who spilled the wine so many years ago.  This new outing contains some of the most tasteful blues meanderings that Eric has ever journeyed through.  His voice is rich, full and emotive…belying his age.  Ever since he hit the scene with The Animals, his voice mesmerised millions, and to the extent that many thought he was a Black-blues master! 
‘Til Your River Runs Dry’ sees Eric singing about pertinent issues of the day, covering politics-religion and the environment.  As always, Eric sings the truth as he feels it…not holding back.  And all the while, setting the musical atmosphere in the blues-rock stratosphere.  Some of this album is very personal, the starting of his own story through the years.  Eric, himself, is a living legend, and this musical foray is the stuff of legend!

Another great Rock n’ Blues ensemble from the great Royal Kingdom: ‘Whitesnake’ will release a live document from their latest world tour:  “Made In Japan” will be available on CD, DVD, and Blu-ray.  This is a living document of the ‘Forevermore’ tour of 2011 and 2012.  This time out, the performances harken back to the rough and ready days of the ‘70’s.  This is ‘Whitesnake’ pure-raw-and naked!  There is no slick production here, just the straight ahead rock that oozes emotive cries of love gained and love lost!  David Coverdale, whom is entering into his sixth decade, has still got the pipes.  His vocal style is immersed in a bluesy storytelling mode and elevates the listener to the highest of heights.  The present line-up of Whitesnake are musical journeymen.  A very tight and no nonsense bunch that drives home each and every time…that pounding, pulsating signature sound of the early days!  Perhaps one of the best performances we will hear from this storied group.

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Upcoming Club/Concert Highlights:

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Notable Concerts:    

South Okanagan Events Centre:   Motley Crue:   April 20th   Alan Jackson:  August 3rd

 Kelowna Community Theatre:   Natalie MacMaster:   April 7th    Randy Bachman:   April 20th     

Prospera Place:  Sting:    May 30th   

Vernon:  Funtastic---Honeymoon Suite:  June 28th  Sweet:  June 29th  Julian Austin  Aaron Pritchett:    June 30th   

Summer Stomp ’13 (Sicamous)---Headpins  July 20th 

Dancin’ Barefoot Music Festival- Peachland :  Nick Gilder & Sweeney Todd: July 20th                 

Peach Festival  Penticton:  Honeymoon Suite:   August 8th                 

Notes & News:   A brand new one from Bon Jovi!!—“What About Now”…and in April:  ‘Whitesnake’ – “Made In Japan”… Deep Purple will release their new album ‘Now What’ in April as well.   

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