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Passengers unhappy with bus service

In a recent poll, readers were asked how they rate the local bus services in the Central Okanagan.  Of the 417 polled, 73% were displeased with the services with which they were provided.

Penticton had the highest level of satisfaction, with 32% rating their local bus service as either “Good” or “Just Okay”, while 74% of Kelowna residents rated their service as “Bad”, the lowest in the Central Okanagan.

“(The bus) was never on time, always early, I had to be at the stop 20 minutes early just to make sure I got the only bus offered to me…As a university student who has the option of the bus pass included in my tuition cost.” - Chantelle O.

“Buses should run a bit more frequently at night. Even every half hour would make a huge difference! Let’s face it, Kelowna isn't the safest place anymore, it’s dangerous to be out alone at night sitting at a stop!” - Steph Lueke

“I am an employee at UBC Okanagan and I wanted to report that this morning I saw a bus driver at the UBC stop on bus #9324 verbally accost a passenger for not putting the bike rack back up on the bus after removing her bike.  She responded to him yelling at her by asking “are you having a good day?” to which he replied “go to hell!”. - Andrea Osachoff

“Yes, there are undoubtedly some issues with our transit system. However, it has come so far even in the last 3 years and if you choose to live in an area that generally has a lower ridership then you need to be expecting less services. I just ask that everyone reflect on how far it's come rather than how far it has to go.” - Aimee Lemieux

Also in Penticton Irene, a bus supporter, who like Laura didn't want to give her last name, said, "I live out toward Skaha Lake and it's fine for me. It always gets me where I want to go."

They are not all happy on the buses in Penticton.

"I don't like it," said Forrest Robertson. "There are times when I need to get the bus, but it comes earlier or later than it is supposed to, so I just end up walking."

Poll Results

March 13, 2013 - 417 votes
What is your opinion of bus service in the Okanagan?
    Penticton Good: 7
    Penticton Bad: 21
    Penticton Just Okay: 3
    Kelowna Good: 35
    Kelowna Bad: 269
    Kelowna Just Okay: 61
    Vernon Good: 2
    Vernon Bad: 16
    Vernon Just Okay: 3

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