Horoscope: March 17 - 23

Mercury is at station ready to resume forward motion. Many areas will be affected. Jams or things piled up will need handling - no tailgating. Organize plans or papers for signing to activate them. Implement new or revised changes. Settle differences Monday to see who is on board. Motivated discussions in meetings Tuesday will energize everyone. Ignore personality issues for the greater good of the whole. Keep emotional matters out of the office. Important decisions made by Friday. Take care with communications, devices or equipment. Some shocks or surprises are timely.

  • Aries - Pull strings behind the scenes so others can't block you. Side step certain questions.
  • Taurus - Put a practical plan together and secure funding. Prepare for the right time to launch.
  • Gemini - Your presentation is what everyone hoped for. Important people want to meet with you.
  • Cancer - Solidify your status or reputation. Information needs to be presented in a clear manner.
  • Leo - Plans connected to distance will blossom. Take charge of most of the organizing details.
  • Virgo - Joint financial matters improve. Research special information that would benefit both.
  • Libra - Work and personal can be tied together on more than one level. Attend private meetings.
  • Scorpio - Others look to you for leadership as they admire your steady, stable abilities and ways.
  • Sagittarius - Your luck increases and you can expand your field or creativity or take a gamble.
  • Capricorn - New things or improved surroundings makes your space more ideal and livable.
  • Aquarius - You are the star in your community and public relations. Charming words influence.
  • Pisces - A financial coup makes you smile and others want a piece of it. Share a small part of it.

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