Gray decries wasted 13K for paper ad

Mayor Gray says he is upset about the City of Kelowna having to spend $13,000 dollars on Public Notices to explain the sale of Hydro assets to Fortis; because it is the law, to do so.

He uses the excuse that having to publish the report through News papers is antique and ancient---- the Cost is extreme and there are better ways---i.e.: local internet OR as he quotes ("We all know the more efficient way of doing that would be an ad saying if you need all this information it's posted at City Hall. If you need a hard copy we will deliver it by courier it necessary”)

Well Mayor Gray lets hypothesize and do some calculations:

Population of Kelowna -----117,312 (2012)--------average cost to deliver something by courier----$5 to $10 (a reasonable assessment)

Let’s say 10% of the population ask for a hard copy of the report------this computes to 11,370 courier deliveries---at $10--- or a cost of $11,370. Now if 20% ask for hard copies---well you do the calculations.

Sounds to me that Mayor Gray is having a SENIOR MOMENT. After all for $13,000---all Kelowna residents will have the opportunity to see the required publication---and that sounds like efficient use of Public Funds.

At least that’s my opinion.

Charles Murray

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