Bus passenger woes

Further to your recent 'New Transit Routes Not a BUSt' article and with reference to "All 18 transit routes exceeded the minimum threshold of 12 riders per service hour (low 12.64 on #12 McCulloch..., I would like to comment that if the #12 McCulloch bus were on a reliable schedule, perhaps it would have a higher ridership. 

I have two children, one attending high school and the other college, just down on KLO Road, and it is hit or miss with the bus. 

My oldest child is at the bus stop waiting ten minutes before its scheduled stop however today before she could get out to the stop, the bus had already gone by.  This has happened frequently with my other child as well.

Again, if the #12 bus were on a schedule, perhaps more riders would access it.

Susan Walker
Kelowna, BC

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