Hello I'm down here

Dear Man in the Parking Lot,

On Monday, March 4, I was in the GlenPark Plaza returning to my car from the IGA.

As I got near my car I happened to see a man who was getting out of his car not far from mine.  as I unlocked my car to put my packages in-as I opened the door I slammed it into my face just above my eyeball. 

At that point I dropped my packages leaned down and as I could see the ground coming up to me I was yelling OH GOD over and over, I could feel my stomach reeling and my eyes were watering. 

However, not so much-in fact in my pain I saw you walk right past me without even looking or seeing if I was OK.

I really, really hope that someday if you need assistance, like I did, someone will step up to the plate and help you.

If you are reading this you know who you are.

Sherry Smith-Kelowna

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