Noise - can you hear me now?

I am no politician, however, I would venture to say that the ideal standards of the general populace regarding the noise levels of motorcycle mufflers and boats would support Councilor Luke Stack's conjecture rather than the opinion of Jim McMullan.

Try living on Pandosy Street in the summertime, when you have to stop conversation as the multitudes of motorcycles with 'illegal' mufflers pass by. Why should the general populace listen to a high decibel cigarette boat which is over halfway across the lake sound louder than a speed boat driving along the closest shore?

Mr. McMullen refers to Fidel Castro taking liberties………what about the right of the majority who would prefer peace and quiet to the noise pollution offered by offensive motorcycles and boats? The right of the majority is what democracy is based upon and I would hasten to guess that the majority would elect to enjoy peace.

Debra Shannon

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