FortisBC Scam

My wife and I are very careful about not wasting electricity. For example, lights are always turned off when not in use; heat is turned off for the night; rooms not in use have thermostats turned off, day and night, and doors have weather stripping to prevent drafts.

Heavy curtains at windows also help and any cracks have been sealed. The clothes drier is not used, as we have a wood burning stove and the dish washer is only used every other day.

I'm still in shock over the outrageous bill we just received - $1,022.52 !!! Our previous bill was $455.84.

Fortis, in their generosity, has given its customers a lower rate for up to 1600 kwh and anything over that is calculated at a substantially higher rate.

WHAT A SCAM!! 1600 kwh of juice doesn't do much to heat a home in the winter, and ours is not a large house. So, for the majority of each two month billing period we're nailed with the "block 2" higher rate.

Talk about a cash grab!!!!

Brian Todd


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