An angel among us

My husband who is unemployed at the moment, and I, a stay at home mom,of 4 young kids under the age of 10 have been trying to make ends meet. Just finding out yesterday that I have bronchitis and now my oldest as well, and both of us needing penicillin.

My oldest son and I were in Walmart this morning as we needed to get his penicillin and grab a few other necessities. As I stood in line to pay, received the worst feeling ever. My bank card was declined. Not really knowing exactly how much I did or didn’t have available I began putting some of the necessities back. Trying to bring the balance lower and lower the bank card was still yet again, declined ! One last attempt, I finally gave the cashier all the cash that I had on me. There was a voice that came out of no where.

“You know what I will just pay for her stuff, Can I do that ?” As I turned to look I began to cry. I was so embarrassed at this point. Not only did the woman pay for all, but out of the kindness of her heart as well handed me a ten dollar bill and two fives. My son and I continued on me still in shock and in tears, packed the car and waited for this woman to exit the store so I again could thank her.

It turns out she was parked right beside us. With tears still streaming down my face, I approached the woman requesting her name and phone number so that I would be able to pay her back as soon as I could. She, being a mother of five just simply understood what it was like to struggle and make ends meet and wanted to help. And with that being said we parted ways.

I want to say Thank you again so so much ! Today you not only helped me out in my time of need, but you showed my ten year old son the gift of giving.

Jennifer B.

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