You are cold Jon Thompson

I think that you are a cold person Jon Thompson! To kill an animal due to human stupidity is wrong! Humans are always the issue, not the dog-EVER! This man should never own another animal given his history with them. It is always the answer to some people to just kill the dog and move on.

This dog deserves another chance, to have rules and a responsible owner. You, others and myself have seen first hand  dog controls mistakes. Not that i am saying this is a case for that. But why kill everything that is labeled? See how this dog (who has been locked up for such a long time) has the ability to make a change.

Have it done in a safe environment and discipline the animal in the right way. I'm angry too that my money was used in this case too... But I am against killing anything without a good reason.

This "aggressive dog" did fine in confinement. Didn't attack or maul anyone. So that's proof he was in the wrong owners hands! I have 2 dogs that don't get along with others dogs. I have full control of them at all times, they are always on leash and they are always confined in my yard. I am responsible with my animals limitations.

Yet in the past year i have had to call dog control on other owners due to their lack of control when it comes to their animals! To just kill something because we are scared is disturbing and an easy human solution. This man was not a good dog owner! But I fought for this dog to live because he deserves a fair shot at life... in the right hands! This is not just a dog.. it's a life and people need to be smart about how they handle it!

Everyone deserves to feel safe.. including Deisel! 

Kym Fargo.

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