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A gem of a volunteer

With her husband passing just 15 months ago, and her father a year later, Jean Saul knew she had to keep busy.

The Peachland resident is no stranger to hard work, she is the president of the city's Legion and business association as well she volunteers with youth at the Ambassador Society.

She also works full time and volunteers for the Canadian Cancer Society.

"I really enjoy it, you know sometimes being busy is better than moping around," says Saul of her hectic life.

But her hard work did not go unnoticed, last year a local resident recommended her for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Without knowing of her nomination, Saul approached MP Dan Albas about having a Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal ceremony at the Legion.

"The mayor got involved in the conversation, and then I heard nothing, but then I talked to him later and said again 'are we going to do this?'. He said yeah we are going to do this, but then I never heard anything again," says Saul.

However in January she received a call from Albas' Parliamentary secretary to confirm the ceremony would be held at the Legion.

On Wednesday February 20, somewhat to Saul's surprise she was awarded the medal by Albas.

"I guess because I offered the premises (for the award) they knew I would be there," she laughs.

Peachland resident Judy Bedform, the city's Food Bank president, and Mayor Keith Fielding also received medals.

This is not Saul's first medal, she also received the Queen's Golden Jubilee medal 10 years ago along with the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award back in 1978.

"I like to work with people, I am a people person," she says proudly of her community involvement.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal was created to celebrate Her Majesty’s accession to the Throne 60 years ago and is designed to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.

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