Texting while driving

My husband and I were at a stop light on July 12 when a young man hit us going at about 60.  He was texting.  I was knocked out from the force of the impact. 

My husband thought I was dead because he could not find a pulse.  The force of the impacted had pinched a nerve in my neck and I finally woke up in the hospital. 

My husband had a back injury and I had severe neck and back damage.  We were two of the lucky ones, it could have been a lot worse.  It has taken this long for me to just get back to work and I still have to go to Physio and the gym to strengthen up my body.  

No one realizes how one second can change someone’s lives.

Every time I go out in my car I am nervous and everywhere you look there are people texting or talking on their phones.  $360.00 is not enough to make people stop this.  We have to have tougher laws. 

They have no idea what a dangerous little box they have in their hand, they might has well have a gun. 

In Canada, I am sure there are more lives taken from car accidents than shootings.

Let us stop this and save some lives.

Loni Bullock

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