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I hope this cartoon was meant to be humorous and not shameless partisan politicking on Castanet's part.

No HST: Marzio Manderioli must be the only person in the province who doesn't know that the HST debacle was a Liberal initiative that was forced to be repealed by a referendum.  But sure, let's give the credit to the unelected Clark.

More JOBS: Hahaha, right.

LNG Industry Boom: Fracking is one of the most dangerous and least understood ways to extract a natural resource.  Clark's desperate attempt to pull magical numbers like 100$ billion over 30 years was quickly shot down by industry experts saying that that BC could not support more than two LNG refineries, and not the 5 that the unelected Premier was touting.

Erased deficit:  Giving Clark credit for this?  At who's cost?  The social service workers who protect our most vulnerable and are the least paid public sector employees in the Province?  The students who've seen their tuition costs skyrocket during Liberal governments?  The nurses, teachers and University workers who were forced to take action to achieve a cost of living increase?  But hey, at least Fortis, ICBC and countless others continue to rake in record profits off the backs of working families.

Sure, Christy, I'll take another scoop.  Keep piling it on.

Micha Pesta

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