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It’s Very Seldom……that I write about Christian Rock bands, however there is one that I have written about and genuinely feel are a very talented bunch.  The American group, Stryper.  Originally thought of as a Christian Metal band, Stryper catapulted to the forefront in the 1980’s.  They had a mission, and it wasn’t just about bringing people to God, it was about presenting genuine hard rock to those that may otherwise not be so inclined.

Their talent showed forth with strength, and became one of the most sought after American Metal bands around.  Yes, their music was filled with messages, messages that were more about the experience with the Godhead, and not about religion.  They put forth these messages in song and music, and lifestyle.  The group retreated in the 1990’s, on purpose, to re-generate and re-group, readying themselves for their next attack.  By 2009, they were ready and the ‘Yellow & Black Attack’ was unleashed yet again!  “Murder By Pride” was their musical statement…and at that time I caught up with the group’s singer; Michael Sweet, and we talked about the formative stages of the group, their mission and at that time their brand new album:

Question: May we get reacquainted with the group…you actually began in 1983 as a Power trio, correct…

Answer: The basis of the group was both brothers Sweet, and also Fox…

Q: When you changed the name to Stryper, there was a reason behind the name change… what was that reason?

A: The record company didn’t like the name Roxx Regime and we weren’t crazy about it either.  So we came up with Stryper.  We already had the stripes on stage, so the name Stryper seemed to work.

Q: Through the years you have collectively released top notch material… yes, full of messages, but you were

not over bearing, as some American “Christian” music artists tend to be… any comments?

A: It wasn’t a conscious decision on our part. It’s just the way God lead us to write. The songs just sort of came out that way.

Q: If we look at the period of time, when personnel changed / or dropped away from the group, you kept

your friendship… was this difficult?

A: At times it was. But eventually we always re-kindle our friendship. But yes, anytime you separate from someone you’ve been with for a long time, it can be difficult.

Q: I would imagine that throughout the years, your Faith and your friendship carried you all through somewhat difficult times…Now; we see the original three back together again: Michael and Robert, and Oz

Fox… chat with us about the reforming… and a bit about “Reborn”… “Murder By Pride” seems to be a

stronger, more pointed album… and obviously with some very strong messages, would you take us through

the album?

A: It was a long process. We started working on this record back in 2006. We were due to go in to record in 2007 and Kyle (Sweet) got diagnosed with Cancer. The record had to be put on hold for a while. It seems like a miracle that it ever got finished. A lot of prayer has gone into this record. It’s one of our best records because so much time

and effort has gone into it.

Q: Have you ever had questions in your own faith and what kind of advice would you give to people who


A: There were times after I left STRYPER when I was in a dry spell. In a valley, I like to call it, and I couldn’t get anything going musically. But yet I felt like God was giving me songs and God had given me the ability to play music… but I wasn’t allowed to do it. So that was a big question mark. In those ways, yes but as far as actually questioning my faith like should I or shouldn’t I be a Christian? No, never! Going back to when I was twelve years

old and I first chose to live for God, I had walked away for years but then we all re-dedicated our lives when I was

twenty as a band with STRYPER. I haven’t looked back from that time till now.  I mean I have my short-comings,

my failures and my mistakes but I still choose and I always will to live a life for God and make a bold stand for God.

 That belief, making a bold stand…continues to this day.  Stryper are about to release “Second Coming”, an album of re-worked material plus a couple of new songs.  The group re-recorded fourteen songs from their previous albums, and are preparing to tour worldwide in 2013.  The album comes out on March 26th, and by Michaels’s own words, these are not only re-workings, they are actually heavier than in the first go round.  Plans are under way for a whole set of new material, later in the year.  However, “Second Coming” hopes to gather new members to the fold, as well as re-ignite the passion from those fans of years ago.

   “Murder By Pride”, which was released in 2009, and gives us a good indication as to where Stryper is going…check out this review to get an insight:

Stryper “Murder By Pride”                                                                 
Frontiers Records    

Review by: Bruce E.J. Atkinson              

To take a line;…”…the boys are back…”!
Stryper have returned with a powerful new album, “Murder By Pride”.  Four years after their comeback album, “Reborn”, this new record displays a more mature sound…a renewed confidence and, of course, strong lyrical messages which match perfectly, their commanding musical expressions!  “Murder By Pride” also boasts a very Special Guest in guitarist and founder of ‘Boston’…Tom Scholz!  He guests with the group on their version of “Peace Of Mind”.
“Murder By Pride” just might be the finest album Stryper have yet to produce.  Yes, we have the rockers; we also have some very graceful ballads and slower tempo numbers.  All in all, performed with heart and, the emotional waves flow freely throughout!
Michael Sweet’s vocals are just that: sweet!...and after all these years, he is still strong and the high notes seem to be reached ever so effortlessly!  Now, the same can be said about the musical prowess of Oz and Robert, their skill: razor sharp…and relative newcomer, bassist Tracy Ferrie fits in so well, giving us a solid bed of rhythm and driving the energy ever so higher.  “Murder By Pride” belies the years these guys have been around, as the sound is so fresh and strapping—actually muscular!  The performances are rock-solid and confident and not in the least does this record ever sound dated.
Stryper…they are back, they are strong, and they have something to tell us…and I think we should listen!

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