Horoscope: February 24 - March 2

Creative inspiration excites action in those seeking an early start. Find a way to bring it to other's attention without seeming like a "know it all". Cooperation still allows room for independent action and comparing notes. The full moon Monday raises hopes and emotions. Keep your feet on a practical path for success. Words can be sharp and to the point; don't get upset. Drive carefully. Get mechanical work done. Thoughts turn to romance and intrigue Thursday; avoid illusionary expectations. Plans come together by the weekend - authority and control is decided.

  • Aries - The moves you make behind the scenes catch others by surprise. Negotiate details.
  • Taurus - Those in authority help advance your plans. Change your approach to handling them.
  • Gemini - Your display of genius gives a boost to your status or reputation. Enjoy the limelight.
  • Cancer - Connections to distance put you on the inside track with powerful people or VIPs.
  • Leo - Consider changes with income or investments. Take the pressure off all areas to gain.
  • Virgo - Relationships influence your status, so be careful how you handle them. Loosen ties.
  • Libra - There are more opportunities for you than you think. Take time to check them all out.
  • Scorpio - Your emotional force carries weight with important decisions. Take charge personally.
  • Sagittarius - Make decisions regarding residence and base of operations. Buy or sell easily.
  • Capricorn - Your steady hand at the helm calms other's worries or insecurities so they relax.
  • Aquarius - Career and finances get a boost; one affects the other. Ride the interesting waves.
  • Pisces - Your romantic, poetic side comes out giving you added influence over others now.

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