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The power of intuition

It is our intuition that will ultimately guide us each day to make the best choices for ourselves and our lives. As we develop this gift from our inner heart and soul with the right balance of asking and listening we will reap abundant blessings. But how do we access our ceaseless guidance from our soul with confidence and clarity? While we all need other care (love, healthy food, physical activity, community and connection), each person has a uniqueness that needs to be listened to. You need to know yourself better and listen to your heart more to create a life that will blossom and become abundant.

One of the best ways to know yourself better and live fully in your inner power and beauty is to tap in to your intuition. I know this best, as a trained and professional Intuitive, but the truth is that each of us has an ability to connect with our inner being and direct that connection towards a more fulfilled and successful life around us. Just imagine how your relationships at work and in your personal life will thrive when you feel whole and complete with the person that you are. You can do that by making the effort to really listen to your inner urgings, unlocking the knowledge inside your heart and following that faithfully.

How is this done? Every person is different, but the beginning steps of cultivating and strengthening your intuition involve taking time to get it into shape, so to speak. It is not unlike working out daily to develop muscle and endurance. Many times I will advise people seeking to get clarity on their intuitive voice by writing down their stream of consciousness in a journal for thirty days in a row. You can ask your soul for guidance on the same question for all of the days or ask a different question for each day. Do not censor the guidance you receive. Simply ask your question, take a few deep breaths, place your hand over your heart and write down the first thing you hear, feel or sense. Looking back at their journal entries, the power of their intuition will be proven true through the path of their life over that month. It’s inspiring to see the discoveries that are made.

Don’t become too demanding of yourself in this process, and simply take a deeper look at your present state of being. As I write in my book, “Whenever I receive intuitive guidance, it helps me to remember that guidance is based solely on the present moment. I do not need, nor do I ask for, guidance for future events. I ask to see only the next step to take … not the whole staircase.” Take one step at a time, one step every day, and by the end of the month, you will have climbed the whole staircase.

My challenge to you: Just for today ….listen to, trust and follow your intuition.

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