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Things are a lot easier when you keep your passwords handy, use a new awesome utility. And I have the correct link to a utility mentioned in last week’s column.

Getting a new computer? Have your passwords handy!

It’s going to take a long time to get your email working on your new computer if you don’t know your email address AND your email password. Trust me; you DO have an email password. If you think you don’t, it’s probably because someone set up your email on your old computer and told it to remember your password. That’s worked out well for you … until now. You’re going to need that password.

That is also true for your wireless network. When you (or someone) set up that network, your old computer needed the password to connect to the network. It still does, but again, someone told the computer to remember it and it did. You have to know what it is to tell your new computer to remember it!

If you’ve never kept track of your passwords before, or if you have passwords scattered all over everywhere, now is a good time to get them organized. Back in September I wrote about some good ways to do that. You can read that column here: http://rlis.com/columns/column371.htm. The contest I mentioned in that column is over, but the ideas are still good!

Robosizer is a truly automatic way to send photos in your email

If you have a lot of photos to share, email is the least efficient way to do that. Unless you make the files smaller, you or your intended recipients are going to hit a limit on the size of the attachments or the number of attachments you can send. Or your email is going to take forever to send and receive. That’s why I recommend alternatives like Minus or even Dropbox for sharing. See this column for more information: http://rlis.com/columns/column377.htm.

People still sometimes want to email photos, though, and I’ve used Image Resizer to do that for years. Still, some people just find that too complicated. I believe I have the solution. Robosizer, available here: http://www.robosizer.com/, is a completely automatic image resizer that handles pictures you email, upload to Facebook, share on Flickr, or send via an instant messenger program --- including Skype. Here is a list of the programs it works with: http://www.robosizer.com/supportedapps.html.

Robosizer is completely free, and does not attempt to install toolbars or alter your browser search or home pages. Simply download the program, unzip it, and double click on the setup file. Enter the username and license key that are provided in the accompanying text file and you are good to go. Most people won’t even need to configure the program, but the options are there if you want them. The help file is excellent, and there are a few informative videos on the Robosizer website. Robosizer works with XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Yes, that link in last week’s column was wrong

Thank you to the many readers who pointed out that the link to Rainbow Folders in last week’s column was broken. I was able to fix the link on the version of the column that appears on my own website, but newsletter readers, RSS subscribers, and Castanet readers got the wrong link.

This is the correct link to the developer’s site for Rainbow Folders: http://www.english.aionel.net/.

The link I originally posted worked at one point, but the developer made some changes to the website between my deadline and the publication date of the column. My apologies for the inconvenience. The corrected link will take you to his site where you can download a zip file. There are no nags, toolbars, rogue search engines or malware, just a terrific little utility.

Do you need help with your computer? I'm here to help you and your home or business computer get along!

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Cate is here to help you and your home or business computer get along.

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