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Family loses everything to fire

Darryl Nessman was at home cooking french fries for dinner for his three children, when his 18-month-old baby started to cry and his world began to unravel.

"As I was consoling her I heard something pop in the kitchen, and I ran in and there was fire in the hood. I tried to find my fire extinguisher, but I couldn't think straight," explains Nessman. "So I grabbed the kids and the dog and got outside.

The small kitchen fire quickly spread to the rest of the house. Assistant fire chief Brent Penner says they knew things were out of control when they spotted a black plume of smoke from the highway as they responded to the incident.

"It was a quick knock down, fairly quick in limiting the fire spread, but the unfortunate part is the smoke has done a lot of damage as well," Penner says.

Nessman's wife, Amanda McNally was at work when she received the call that the house had gone up in flames.

"I called my boss and told him I had to leave right then and there. Then I raced over and when I arrived there were cops and fire trucks and everyone was out of their homes, watching," she says.

The three children and Nessman rushed out of the house without shoes on their feet or jackets to wear.

"We have nothing. I was hoping to get into the house before I could figure out what I needed," says McNally, but her home is boarded up deemed too dangerous to enter.

"I guess we will start from scratch…. we've been told to expect the worse."

The family recently moved into the house and are renters without content insurance.

McNally says the family has been put up in a hotel for three nights, and given money as well as food vouchers by emergency services, but after Saturday they will have no where to go.

"We are looking for a furnished house that would allow our dog and our three kids temporarily until my landlord can get the house fixed up. But other than that I don't know where we are going to go or what we will do."

Three other units in the complex were damaged heavily by smoke, neighbours told Castanet they too had been placed in the care of emergency services until it was safe to return home.

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