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Dad and 3 kids escape fire

A family of five is homeless after a grease fire broke out in their kitchen just before 5 p.m. Wednesday evening.

Crews from both Lake Country and Kelowna converged on one of the bottom units of a fourplex at Turtle Lodge, just north of Duck Lake.

“When we arrived on scene we had fire coming from the southwest side of the fourplex – which would have been where the main door was for the bottom level,” says Lake Country Assistant Fire Chief Brent Penner, who was first on scene.

“The fire had come out of the foyer and was burning the main entrance way and stairs that went to the fourplex above it.”

Everyone was able to evacuate the burning unit safely, including three young children under the age of nine.

Penner says the fire began in the kitchen when something overheated on the stove, from there the flames got into the cupboards.

“It was a pretty intense fire for such a small place. It consumed the kitchen and then moved outside into the entrance area, so it was fully venting – there won’t be a lot that can be salvaged from that one particular unit.”

The unit upstairs sustained smoke damage and the two units to the east are not believed to have been affected.

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