Spring used for snow removal

This letter is to question the snow removal on the streets of Kelowna , another week has passed and another week I have been a prisoner in my own home.

The reason I can't leave my house is because I am in a wheelchair and afraid I will get stuck in a rut or high centered or just spin on the ice. There are city by-laws governing the removal of snow on sidewalks and home owners can be fined for not keeping walks cleared.

However I live in an area with no sidewalks, therefore use the street to travel in my chair. Since the last big snowfall my cul-de-sac has not been plowed properly, so vehicles make ruts during the day while it is warmer and then the ruts are frozen in place at night .

I can go to my appointments using the Handidart service , which is very good , however you need to book ahead and the service does not run on Sundays . While riding on Handidart I have noticed that the streets in other areas of the city are no better.

When the weather is warm plows should be out removing the mess but I guess since spring is coming the problem will disappear and I am sure that is what the people in charge of snow removal are waiting for.

I know there are many others in the same situation in wheelchairs, scooters, using walkers or elderly that can't go to the grocery store, cafe, doctors office, barbershop, church or visit friends because of the ice and snow.

I only live five or ten minutes away from the places I want to go to but I can't. I was born in Kelowna and lived here all my life, paying taxes since I was a young adult and now approaching sixty my taxes have not got me sidewalks or snow removal.

The one good thing about the ice and snow on the streets is that it covers the pot holes, maybe that's why it is not removed.


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