Staged fights

You know, I love hockey. But I am really fed up with these dinosaur hockey commentators who keep saying fans love the fighting as it is a part of hockey, the sport that every Canadian loves. Well that is garbage, because I believe that the vast majority of fans appreciate the speed and skill of hockey players.

Who does not like the World Junior or the World Championships or the Olympics with the skills and great plays and not these stupid staged fights, because they are only an embarrassment to our great sport and totally out-dated for today's game.

Look at the Detroit Red Wings, every year they are in the playoffs and they have no goons on their team. I see nothing wrong if a player thinks that someone took a cheap shot and he retaliates, but staging fights is ridiculous and an embarrassment. Certain commentators, who endorse this, are also making lots of money selling their videos on fighting and so they keep pushing it.

Shame on them, they say that jobs would be lost if there were no enforcers in the game, again a load of garbage, what would happen, is some skillful player, who did not get his chance to play in the NHL, would get a chance. No jobs would be lost.

Anyway that is my opinion and I am sure many, many true fans of our great sport would agree.

Thomas James McLuskey

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