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Shoeless, cold thief gives up to cops

A 32-year-old Kamloops man surrendered to police Saturday rather than endure a shoeless night in the elements.

According to police the incident began about 11 p.m. Saturday evening near Monte Lake on the Kamloops/Vernon Highway.

A Vernon officer patrolling the area noticed a northbound vehicle driving at a high rate of speed cross the centre line.

The officer pursued the vehicle and eventually pulled it over about 3km before the Barnhartvale Road turnoff.

"As our officer got out of his police vehicle he noticed the driver put both hands outside his vehicle The officer asked what he was doing and the driver said the vehicle was stolen," says RCMP spokesman, Gord Molendyk.

The driver was placed under arrest and asked to exit the vehicle.

"The man stood up and started to run away on the east side of the highway into a nearby field. In his attempt to flee the suspect lost his shoe."

Molendyk says the suspect, who by this time had lost both shoes surrendered without incident.

"He had hoped to run into the mountains in an attempt to evade arrest. After he lost his shoes and wearing light clothing he felt it was not in his best interests to do that<" says Molendyk.

"He was cold and wanted to give up."

The driver faces charges of Possession of Stolen Property, Obstruction and Flight from Police.

A female passenger was also arrested for Possession of Stolen Property.

The vehicle, with Alberta plates, was reported stolen from Kelowna.

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