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Believing in yourself

"It is none of my business what other people think of me." - author unknown.

This was my mantra, and needs to be yours as well. At least until you are fully in the groove of completely believing in yourself and all that you are capable of. Your journey to living a wonderful life will ask you to commit to living as your soul. This will, in turn, require you to step out of comfort zone and into the land of unlimited possibility, as defined by your soul's mission. Having a solid sense of self is mandatory to your success.

I would like to offer you three keys to assist you in become the fully empowered, beautiful being that you are:


1. Trust your desires: our desires come from God.

There is literally nothing stopping us from accomplishing all that we desire. Take your visions seriously. They are a gift to you, a window to your soul's mission. One of my visions was to have a radio show; I saw it very clearly. I had no clue how I was going to do it and I had zero support on the home front, but I also knew that if I focused on the what, the universe would show me how. And it did. Within months I launched my first radio show.

2. Develop your intuition: our soul, our higher self, speaks to us directly through our intuition.

When we have this part of ourselves fully developed hearing our intuitive guidance becomes second nature and our lives expand into experiences of synchronicity and magic and miracles. Our existence becomes something beautiful to behold. At one point, when I was starting to develop my intuitive gifts, my personality governed my actions, and it was very shy. So I created my alter-ego. Her name is Stella (from When Stella Got Her Groove Back) and before I went on air and TV I let her take over. It was very liberating and now her qualities are not unlike my own. In short, fake it until you make it.

3. Begin with the end in mind: what is your ultimate dream for yourself in the following areas of your life - relationships, career, financial, health, family and spirituality?

Dare to dream the BOLD dream in all of these areas and write it all down. Don't sensor anything and do spend time on this; it is worth the time it takes. Picture the end result where you do, have and are being all that you can possibly dream of.

All of these keys will serve to support you in manifesting your potential into physical form, and your belief in yourself, your mission, and your place on earth will be the result. You will end up becoming a magnet to all that you desire, to the beautiful life that is rightfully yours.

My challenge to you: Just for today..... Hold your own counsel and don’t take what others say or do personally.

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Dawn McIntyre is an award winning Certified Spiritual Advisor and Coach.  Dawn is also a best-selling author, has been the host of her own radio show, has been featured in Newsweek, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, and has been a guest on over 200 radio and TV shows.

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