A Master's Work Is Never Done

He is a meticulous Artist, one with a strong dream and vision.  “Bring Heavy Rock To The Land” was Jorn’s critically acclaimed latest studio Work, however it seems a Masters’ work is never done.  A surprising release from Jorn has come in the guise of “Symphonic”, ready to be snapped up by his legions of fans.  “Symphonic” is in of itself, a work of art….

Jorn “Symphonic”  
 Frontiers Records
Review by: Bruce E.J. Atkinson

In my last review of a Jorn Recorded Work I said “….this outing may just be the Masterstroke we have been looking for!”----now that was regarding “Bring Heavy Rock To the Land”.  “Symphonic” is the Masterstroke we weren’t expecting!!

This release contains some of the best Jorn on record, however dressed differently, quite differently.  Full orchestrations grace these journeys of sonic brilliance.

An idea that Mr. Lande had bouncing around for a spell…most likely one of those “I wonder what this would sound like if I did…”, and now we know!  Jorn—it sounds fantastic.

Each creation takes on a whole new life, and the teaming of Jorn with Lasse Jensen; whom took on the task of the arranging, is one that—in this scribe’s mind—would be fully fulfilled when presented in a concert performance!  In the meantime we have “Symphonic”, another Jorn masterpiece.

I had the great privilege of talking with Jorn in late December, here is just a little of how ‘Symphonic’ came about:

Bruce Atkinson: Jorn, “Symphonic” is simply a very tasteful surprise, and after Reviewing your last studio work, “Bring Heavy Rock To The Land”…I was completely surprised that you took on such an enormous project! How long have you had this in the back of your mind?

Jorn Lande: It was actually not something I had been "pregnant" with for a long time. A friend of mine Lasse Jensen who runs a studio not far from where I live, made some arrangements for "I Came To Rock" and the result was pretty good. I asked him if he would be interested in doing the same on some other selected songs, and between early July and the end of September he made orchestral arrangements on 15
tracks. The idea was to record some real strings such as violins, cellos etc, and then do the rest with keyboards/piano and the studio computer.

BA: You are certainly moved by other musical Artists, and of course some of your inspiration
comes from those…that being said, when you are in the writing mode, do you actually hear orchestral movements within the songs and music you create?

JL: Yes, I often tend to hear some kind of finished arrangement in my mind when working on a song. Not
necessarily in a classical context, but in general, whether it's a simpler rock arrangement or more complex
with various instruments. The melody in my mind starts like a lonely road, then I create the musical landscape around it. Very often the result ends up pretty close to the picture I painted. The only exception is
when I work on something and for example the guitarist plays something totally different from what I
originally had in mind. It will often lead a song in a new direction, a slow heavy song could suddenly become a fast rocker.

BA: In the press release concerning “Symphonic”, you did not want this to be a “typical best of release”, and it certainly isn’t! When adding the symphony did you find that you needed to re-record any of the originals, or did they just fit nicely with your new arrangements?

J.L.: We mixed most of them again, but on a few songs it worked well just to add the orchestra to the original versions and then remaster. Sometimes an orchestra takes up too much space in the over all sound, and if so, the best way to make a good blend is to do a remix.

BA: “Symphonic” comes out in January, a beautiful gift from you to us; are you prepared to build
a live show around this? Can we see and hear Jorn with an orchestra backing you in 2013?!

J.L.:  Would be great to put up some shows with an orchestra, but there are no plans for that as for now.
There are already several "normal" Jorn shows confirmed for 2013, plus we have to finish the new studio album that we started working on before the European tour in November/December 2012, so it looks like it's
going to be a busy year.

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