How's your posture?

If you were to do a quick body scan of yourself at this very moment, what would you notice about your posture? Are you sitting and slouching over the computer or are you focused on the alignment of your seated position with your spine long, core engaged and shoulders pressed back? Take a moment to make any adjustments to correct your posture and feel the difference between poor posture and proper posture.

Good posture is very important to your health and well-being. While many people are aware of the importance of good posture, it is still one of the most neglected methods of improving health and fitness. Proper body positioning and alignment are important considerations in preventing many of the problems that develop from the stresses of work, aging, and fatigue. Proper posture helps prevent fatigue, headaches, eye strain, and chronic muscular tension. In addition, good posture can help improve circulation and digestion, enhance sleep, and prevent cramping of internal organs.

If you find that you are neglecting the effort of proper posture on a regular basis try this!

  1. Select a few times of the day that you spend majority of your time doing…. driving, cooking, working on the computer. Make a game out of selecting these times and keeping awareness on posture while doing them. You will notice posture awareness becomes less of a chore! And becomes habitual, without effort.
  2. Watch others! Anytime you are in a public place… mall, work, and grocery store. Make a game out of noticing other peoples posture! Having the routine of awareness on others will have you more conscious of your own posture, again making a natural routine of your stance at those and other times.
  3. Feel the difference! Anytime you find yourself switching from poor posture to proper posture, notice the change or shift in your energy and confidence. Think about these differences and notice the positive affect it has on you in that moment, afternoon or day!

Correct postural alignment can boost self-image and clear the mind, contributing to sharper senses. In addition to contributing to healthier emotional states and overall vitality, good posture can make exercise more enjoyable, improve general fitness and enhance performance. Proper posture can improve your quality of life.

By maintaining awareness and learning of how to make it a routine throughout your day, you will find yourself walking taller, feeling energized, looking more confident and proud and on your way to full time proper posture!

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