Copper thieves arrested in Kamloops

Kamloops RCMP have two men in custody after they were found at the scene of a copper wire theft at the BC Hydro yards on McGill Street early Tuesday morning.

According to police, security guards on site observed the break in and theft and called RCMP.

Security on site reported seeing suspects gain entry into the yard by placing a ladder over the fence.

Copper wire from the yard was then thrown over and stockpiled on the outside of the fence.

The suspects were apprehended walking away from the BC Hydro compound towards Hillside Avenue.

Police say fresh snow on the ground revealed footprints from the compound to where the men were located.

Similar footprints were apparently found along the fence line, around the pile of stolen wire and inside the compound.

Police also seized wire cutters and other tools at the scene. Similar tools were also found when the suspects were searched upon arrest.

The suspects' footwear was also seized.

Both men, known to police, were held in custody pending a court appearance Tuesday morning.

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