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I have a couple of issues that I would like to bring to the attention of the City of Kelowna.

I had my grandchildren visiting from out of town last week so took them to the outdoor skating rink on Water Street.  I have told many people about this rink and what a wonderful idea it is.  The only fault that I can find is that there are no public washrooms within a 3 block radius.  Would it have cost that much extra to have put in a public washroom (possibly connected to the building where they keep the Zamboni) or if that is out of the question a couple of porta-potti’s.  My 5-year-old grandson needed to use a washroom so I had to remove his skates and we  basically take a hike to find one.

The other  issue I have is with the H2O pool.  Again, there with my grandchildren.  While in the lineup at the wave pool I noticed that the Lifeguard on duty would allow a few people through and then would go on the surf board herself for about 5 minutes.  She would then let another few people through and go on the board again.  I feel if she is being paid to do a job she should be doing the job and not playing around.  Also, if other people have to stand in line what gives her the right to just jump in whenever she feels like it.  The worst part is that because she obviously does this quite often she was able to ride the board for quite a long time while those who had paid to get in and use this facility waited.

Helen OIdell

Editor's Note: There are in fact washrooms in Stuart Park under the Bear Sculpture.

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