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The power of imagination

Welcome to a new week and brand new day! Now that you have gained the support of your subconscious mind it is time to utilize the power of your imagination.

Our dreams and desires, especially the ones that are heartfelt, come from a higher place and can very easily become a part of our reality through the proper use of our imagination. Sometimes when we think of our desires we also tend to worry, doubt and discount the validity of them at the same time.

Worry is the worst thing we can do when trying to create anything. It sets up a barrier that prevents the universal powers to help us. One thing that I teach my clients to help with this is to take any worry and turn into a ‘healthy concern’. In this way you are still being authentic with your feelings without sabotaging your efforts to manifest your desires into reality.

Your support team can help you to stay focused on the positives and alleviate any doubts you have. It is helpful to stay in touch with your team and have them continue to rally you on your road to manifesting your dreams.

Before you use your imagination it is also important to not second guess yourself after having made a decision to pursue something or change something in your life. Second guessing your decisions is actually very common but this is the time where you need to really trust and have faith in your decisions, dreams and goals.

When using the power of your imagination to call in your new reality it is necessary to use all of the senses.

While imagining your desires you first and foremost need to put yourself in the picture. From there you need see, with as much detail as possible, the end result of your desire. What does it look like in its greatest form of manifestation? What does it sound like? What the smells associated with it? What does it taste like? How does it feel when you touch it?

A great exercise is to relax, either sitting down or lying down, and get your imagination working on all these levels. Once you feel complete with your picture place a balloon around it and see yourself sending the balloon into the hands of the higher powers and Universe. Now it is time to let go and allow it to manifest.

Once you do this every day, after about one week, it will become second nature and will only take a few minutes. I like to do this every morning before I get up and at night before going to sleep.

I would love to hear how you are doing with this and if you have any questions I am happy to answer them. My email is listed for you to contact me.

My challenge to you: Just for today.....use the power of your imagination to call your dreams, desires and goals into your physical reality.

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Dawn McIntyre is an award winning Certified Spiritual Advisor and Coach.  Dawn is also a best-selling author, has been the host of her own radio show, has been featured in Newsweek, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, and has been a guest on over 200 radio and TV shows.

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