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So here I am in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The Spring buying has been done, and the product will be arriving this week. There are some super sweet styles arriving this season. The girls at Frakas are so excited as they count down the days until the boxes start arriving. It is like Christmas all over again in the backrooms of the Frakas stores. My next column will cover some of the styles we will be expecting to see in stores and on the streets this Spring. For now, I know most of you reading this are wearing your scarves, hats and gloves, so I will save that for when it’s a little closer to thinking about a new Spring wardrobe.

Many customers are curious about the buying process. I wish I had a dollar for every time somebody has offered to come with me “to carry my bags”.

Speaking of buying………..that is the reason I am here in Mexico. I am attending Spanish school to learn how to converse with the mass majority of the people working in the fashion industry in Los Angeles and New York. Most of the suppliers and their employees speak Spanish as their 1st (and sometimes ONLY) language.

I spoke a very small amount of Spanish before heading to Mexico for two months of school. I could understand more than I could speak the language. Learning Spanish will enable me to be more productive and to be able to quickly ask for what I am in search of. We often have specific requests for items from customers which can be quite random in nature. I will be able to search for the items quickly and move on to the next vendor. The Los Angeles Fashion District is huge (a city within itself), so there are many wholesalers to try to get to in a small amount of time. It will also enable me to deal with the importing issues by ensuring they understand the paperwork I require for shipments in to Canada.

I am just 7 days into my Spanish studies. A long way from being able to converse comfortably, but I expect my next buying trip to L.A or New York to go off with ease!

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Hasta Luego mi amigas

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