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The Republic of Tunisia

A friendly land of contrast, color, spice and scent; Tunisia is the smallest country in North Africa. At 165,000 square kilometres (64,000 sq. mi.) in area, this African jewel has a population of just under 10.7 million. Boasting the best of land and water, Tunisia's southern region is made up of the Sahara Desert with the north of the country showing off 1,300 kilometres (810 mi) of coastline. Situated on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, it is bordered by Algeria to the west and Libya to the south east.
Tunisia is a constitutional republic that prides itself in gender equality and guarantees rights for women, with women holding more than 20% of seats in both chambers of the country's parliament.
Tunisia has a diverse economy, including agriculture, mining, manufacturing, petroleum based products and of course; tourism! Tourism in Tunisia accounts for over 370,000 jobs annually.
With an ideal climate and over 3000 years of history, there's a story in every nook and corner of this small yet diverse country. The vast wealth of heritage has been preserved for locals and visitors alike in hundreds of sites and museums spread across their land; as well as many on-site archaeological museums and ruins.
Well known seaside resort areas include Sousse, Monastir, Hammamet & Nabeul, Djerba and Tabarka. These offer visitors the finest of sandy beaches and crystal clear water along with an array waterfront hotels featuring sun and sea sports. Popular are windsurfing and sailing, underwater sightseeing tours, fishing and boating.  Hotels are built with the visitor's comfort and enjoyment in mind and area restaurants feature both international as well as Tunisian Cuisine.
Within an hours drive from these modern resorts towns, the road will bring you to another Tunisia, one of ancient Roman, Arab, Berber or Phoenician sites. Reminders of this rich historical past are surrounding and visitors will return again to be captivated by the diversity of this Mediterranean land.
Souks offer a shopping experience where everything from carpets to birdcages bears a  negotiable price tag; and carpets sealed with a stamp of origin and calibre that cannot be repeated anywhere else. The handcrafted skills of the people are hard to rival as the techniques are passed from generation to generation.
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