Dog Licence is the law

The Regional District of Central Okanagan thanks Mr. Wong for his January 22nd letter ‘Dog Licences’.  This raises the opportunity to promote responsible dog ownership.  As well, Mr. Wong is commended for the added steps he’s taken to help identify his dog in case it accidentally ‘gets away’.

He says however, in light of those efforts, there’s no justifiable reason for licensing his pet over and above the measure’s already implemented.

Well, there is one major justifiable reason:  it’s the law.  Regional District Dog Impounding and Regulation Bylaw No. 366 applies to every dog owner in the Central Okanagan and requires them to annually register and licence their dog and that the annual RDCO dog tag must be attached to the collar worn around the dog’s neck.  The cost of a licence is $20 for a dog that’s been spayed or neutered, $60 if it hasn’t.  Compare that with $100 in additional fees and charges that a dog owner would pay (on top of a licence charge) if they have to retrieve their unlicensed dog from the pound.

Mr. Wong’s letter goes on to say licensing by the Regional District is nothing more than a tax grab.  Actually, the fees derived from annual dog licence sales help offset and reduce the overall funds required to operate the Dog Service and pound facility.   As a follow-up to the recent dog control service review, the Regional District will be looking at ways to provide more service to each and every licensed dog owner.  We want licensees to get more bang for their buck in the future.

There are other good reasons for dog owners to purchase or renew their dog’s licence that are explained along with extensive information on our Dog Service at regionaldistrict.com/dogs.

We encourage all dog owners to do the responsible and legal thing by annually licensing their pet.

Bruce Smith
Communications & Intergovernmental Affairs Officer
Regional District of Central Okanagan
1450 KLO Road
Kelowna, BC
V1W 3Z4

Phone:  250-469-6339
Fax:  250-763-0606
Email:  [email protected]
Website:  www.regionaldistrict.com

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