House Party from Hell Destroys Home

I'm sure we're all appalled at the magnitude of the destruction caused to the Mann home. But what bothered me most about the article is the apparent lack of response from the school. I don't see anywhere that the grad committee or anyone from the school has plans to reach out and make some sort of reparations for the damage that was caused. 

In my opinion, their grad should be canceled and every cent that they raised for it should be paid to the Mann family. Some may say, "But it's their high school grad! It only happens once." To that I say, "That's too bad." This "entitlement" generation has learned to take no responsibility for their actions and that is what's most appalling.

Others may argue it wouldn't be fair to the other grads who weren't directly involved in the party. But that is no excuse either. It was clearly well published on Facebook for all to see and those who didn't directly participate but said nothing are just as at fault. Sometimes the actions of a few ruin it for the rest of the group.

Isn't that a lesson you learn in Kindergarten? It should not be the community stepping up to help this family out, it should be the school/ grad class. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be surprised if there is nothing more than a slap on the wrist (at most) given to these kids as it seems to be the trend all over in our culture.

Because you can be sure if actions like this are not being met with disciplinary actions in this average Canadian high school, then it's happening all over. And if there aren't some serious consequences for this whole grad class then all I can say is God help us all as masses of this generation enter into adulthood and move into places of leadership in our cities and countries.

Cassie Haines

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